Do face sheet masks benefit your skin?

Sheet mask is fabric soaked in some substance. Usually it includes glycerin, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing components. There are components that fill the skin (very conditionally) with water; there are components that fill it with oil.

Sheet masks are usually stacked in substances that attract water into the skin – like your usual lotion or serum.

The difference between sheet mask is that it works like a compress. Water evaporates more slowly from it. The moisturizing effect is a little deeper and lasts a little longer. In case of winter weather, dry air and if you have dehydrated, dry, tightened skin, which also peels off, it makes sense to use a sheet mask. You can even take a course of a week or two so that the skin comes to its senses.

But in general, if you have no particular problems with dryness, any moisturizing lotion or moisturizing serum will perform the same function, because the components are approximately the same. Just sheet mask is more effective.

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