Self-isolation beauty routine

Perfect five-step skin care routine

Your body generally thrives on routine. Regular workouts, regular proper sleep and clean food as much as possible. Your skin will be the same if your night-time face cleans goes from an art to a science. Reaching my thirties, I spent a lot of time researching about skincare. I discovered that skin works best when there is a system. Of course you can’t deny that sleep and water are the essential basics for your skincare routine, but once you have that down, set up a structured system for your face and in a few weeks you will notice a heck of a difference.

Step 1: Cleanse. This is a fancy way of saying wash your face. Don’t wash with soap though, you aren’t 12 years old. Get yourself a cleanser that works best for your skin, whether it’s one for oily, dry or combination skin. I love to use silicone face brushes washing my skin. It has changed the way my face felt after washing.

Step 2: Toner. The toner should usually be the first thing you use on your cleansed skin. Alcohol-free ones are best. Apply the toner with cotton rounds and take it down to your neck and chest.

Step 3: Serum. I love to use a Retinol serum. Serums are the second lightest liquid you apply on your skin after toner. Serums are what do the work. For retinol specifically it’s the anti-aging work. Retinol is magic. Sweep it down to your neck as well.

Step 4: Eye cream. Although some aestheticians say that it isn’t really necessary, I noticed that it has made a difference with the lines under my eyes. Apply the eye cream with your ring finger and put any of the leftovers on your lips.

Step 5: Moisturizer. The final step and the thickest cream to seal everything in. Apply all over your face and neck.

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