Why should you change your skincare routine in winter?

  Winter differs from summer not only by temperature but also by the moisture content in the air. In summer the air is more humid, in winter – dry. Most people’s skin, whether it’s dry or oily, suffers greatly in winter. Due to the wind and dry air skin loses water. It leads to peeling, irritation, feeling of tightness on the your face and body.

Talking about face skin, it is worth choosing a super soft cleanser for the winter. It shouldn’t wash the skin to squeaky-clean state . My advise is – do not use anything at all in the morning. Just wash your face with warm water. This will retain healthy fats that protect the skin. Or use soft cleansers for washing. The label usually says: “soft”, “gentle”, “delicate”, “for sensitive skin”. It makes sense to purchase such cleanser even if you don’t have sensitive skin. It will act much softer, which is quite important in winter.

I have two tips for moisturizing.

The first is to choose a more or less rich cream, almost like a putty in density. It won’t be absorbed as quick and will create a pleasant membrane on the face that protects from bad weather, wind and dry air.

You can use Snail Repair Day Cream or Face Care Horse Ointment Cream.

The second tip: if the skin is dry (and in winter it is dry for everyone), dehydrated, peeling – it makes sense to layer moisturizers. First apply a light product – serum or lotion, something liquid, clear, quickly absorbed and refreshing. Then apply a moisturizer on top. It doesn’t matter which one – it can be either dense or any other your favorite moisturizer. Such layering will help deliver more water to the skin and keep it there as long as possible. This will give a sense of comfort and will work better than just one remedy. 

You can use Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Facial Serum.

In case of bodycare, I have a similar advice for winter: if you suffer from dry skin, use lotions and creams after a shower. Use your soap only for certain parts of the body. Take a warm shower, not a hot one. Hot water by itself dries, flushes a lot of fat from the skin. 

You can use Goat Milk Moisturizing Lotion.

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